Gordon (Gord) Allen spent 27 years as a police constable with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force (now named the Toronto Police Service).  During this 27 years Gord encountered the seamier side of life and in all age brackets.  When locking a cell door on a 16 year old he asked himself Why? When investigating a homeless 18 year old he again asked himself How?

Gord believed the answer lay in their younger years.  Did they learn of respect?  Did their parents listen to what they had to say?  Did the family spend time together getting to know each other?  Did they ever learn about love?  Did they learn to care?

In the book Celesta's Magical Journey Gordon Allen has, in his own way, told a story where each and every chapter gives examples as to the value of integrity.  His belief that everyone is born with a basic good so long as it is nurtured extends into the story and the design of the book.  Celesta learns that strength comes in many forms.

Gord was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and currently resides in Blind Bay, British Columbia with his wife Linda.  Together they have four children who manage to keep them on their toes by giving them four grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Truly God's way of getting even for all Gord and Linda did to drive their parents crazy.

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