Celesta's Magical Journey by Gordon AllenCelesta's Magical Journey

an Aspire Book by
Gordon Allen

Finally, a new original story for Christmas.

You'll be laughing, crying and cheering.

Celesta, a young mermaid, along with her friends Wakanda, the orca, and Croft, the harp seal, risk the dangers of hunger, cold, fatigue and more to travel to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

The intrepid threesome are determined to make sure that Father Christmas knows of the selfless wish of a sad young boy who wants nothing more for Christmas than the return of his grandma's health and his mother's warm smile. 

Adventure rules the day in Celesta's Magical Journey as the trio meet up with other unlikely partners in their quest.

Enjoy Celesta and her friends as they learn as much about friendship as the magic of Christmas.

This is a Christmas story that can be enjoyed year-round.

And for the younger readers a surprise follows the story.


Published by Aspire Books

Illustrations and cover art by Freyja Zazu

Editing, book layout and cover design by Esther Hart


Praise for Celesta's Magical Journey
an Aspire Book by Gordon Allen

What a superb book for children!  With Celesta's Magical Journey I could picture a circle of children being read to by an enthusiastic teacher, I could picture parents snuggling little ones while re-reading it to them at home and I could picture children, tucked in their beds, reading as much as they could before lights out. ...the story has real value at many levels and should be available in every elementary school.

Ian Fife, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., FOTF.
Happily retired after 26 years as a principal !


The story of Celesta's Magical Journey depicts the heart-felt spirit of Christmas with charm, humour, intrigue and adventure. Some of lifes most important lessons are introduced in subtle and meaningful ways.

The characters are delightful and this book will appeal to a wide age group, indeed anyone blessed with the love of fantasy, excitement and imagination. A joy to read!

Gaye Timms
Retired elementary school teacher

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